FST Dev Blog 5 - All the Small Things

Sometimes you don't want to trigger an entire conversation when you trigger an event or finish a minor quest. That's what I've been futzing about with. It started with considering a rewrite to dialog and the questmanager to allow for reward screens at any point in a conversation because, hey, sometimes a specific choice in a conversation will immediately give you something.

I'm starting to think that excessive forward-planning is slowing this step down. Because that's what is happening. It's tough to strike a balance between planning things so they just work and planning things so that they will continue to work. I lean far too much toward the latter. This with help later. Latter later. Later latter. It's late.


Just about done with little popup announcements. Gonna use them for getting items, money, and other little quest rewards. And reputation changes if or when that rolls around. And daily events. And quest availability announcements. But right now, just money.