FST Dev Blog 7 - Oh Fudge, I Forgot Saving

The title is apt. I'm writing in saving and loading for all the quest classes because, frankly, I forgot that was a thing that my game did. Saving and loading in an RPG! WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT!?

Exciting and highly visible news, I know, but it's something that needs to be done. Once this is done (as of right now, I'm just double and triple-checking quest events to make sure they've all got saving functions.) Oh dang, did I not save... Yup. Dialog tree saving time. This'll be a whole barrel of fun. Now I remember why I always put this sort of thing off.

As an upside, though, immediately after this I can get back to visible improvements! A quest screen for tracking quests! Planets that will highlight depending on the currently active quest! You haven't seen it, but the Flash Bomb power that some Copilots have needs new graphics.

Oh, also new build by the end of the month. Monthly seems reasonable enough.