I am NEARING what might be considered acceptable title screen music. Not good, mind you. Acceptable. Placeholder music. I probably should've just grabbed something free. EH. I MADE THIS. I also made new death sounds for every size of enemy and proper launching and explosion sounds for the Flash Bomb. Also, for some reason, the Flash Bomb wasn't hitting every enemy on the screen. That's been changed in a manner that also improves performance. Which wasn't really an issue with the Flash Bomb. What was an issue, however, was every enemy emitting their explosion sound at the same time and exploding my eardrums whenever I hit the Flash Bomb. So now there's an option for enemy damage to not cause a sound. This will be used by things that damage many things at once.

I have been spending the last several hours poking around in Weapon code because I initially coded the base damage to not be based on something per second. Which, y'know. Not great when I'm trying to code the Flash power to deal damage based on how long its cooldown is. Ahh, old code. I hate me so much for not thinking that through. Then again, since every effect just buffs the base damage... All of these comment lines are useless.

I just remembered I had a spreadsheet that had all of my weapon stats noted. Time to crack open the spreadsheet. Aaaaaand now I feel dumb. Everything is/was working as intended.

Also the Flash Bomb still doesn't have a proper bomb sprite. At this point I'm putting it off just to spite myself.