Brain Vomit 8 - New Build Incoming. Maybe. My Tooth Hurts.

I've got a Trello board for keeping track of what needs to be done for FST. I should really look at it more, or at least break things up a bit. I powered through a large number of small, clearly delineated objectives (Make a Quest tracking class, implement Copilots, those sorts of things,) relatively quickly, but have since bogged down on the beautifully open-ended and obtuse "Add combat fun."

Don't worry. I have a mental checklist whenever I put something vague down. It just gets completed much more slowly. I don't know why I don't always make things incredibly specific. It's probably because I hate myself.

Small, quickly completed objectives provide something that can be ticked off fairly quickly, and minor progress ALWAYS FEELS REWARDING. I mean, crap. There's practically entire genres of games based on minor improvements to things over time. Lookin' at you, Clickers and Browser MMOs. Except instead of waiting some amount of time, I have to do work.

I dunno. Angling for a new build at the end of the week. With extra combat fun.