FST Dev Blog 38 - *unintelligible angry noises*

You know you've broken something when the debugger disconnects itself from your game and claims it doesn't exist. This is a new level of breaking things and frankly, I love it. I love it when things don't work.

But right now, things are partially working AND not working at all. It's a beautiful case of Schrodinger's bug, and I hate that it's here right now while I'm trying to get things done. An-holdon.

While ping-ponging between dejectedly writing this devblog and working on getting the bug fixed, I have fixed the bug. The bug is completely fixed and everything is fine.

Oh, wait, holdon. The whole IDE crashed this time. This is new even by today's standards.

Alright, now the IDE is back, and we're right back at the old disconnecting the debugger schtick.


Seven minutes later all is well.
I am the Wizard-Lord of bugs.