FST Dev Blog 44 - Down With the Sickness

I got sick and basically lost a bit more than a week. Happens at least once a year. ANYWAY.

Explosions are in and priorities are in order!

I've decided to table scripted plot-things for now, as the time-in-content-out ratio isn't great, and there's tons of other things that need seeing to before I embark on the journey of narrative writing in an open-world space game. Step One is the open world, and Sub-Step A of Step One is getting Copilots and/or characters in the universe to act like it.

People givin' out quests! People likin' or dislikin the player for doin' quests!

After this, it's probably gonna be... Factions? Maybe just tying individual planets into the like/dislike of the player. Though it's just a little more work to go from planet attitudes to faction attitudes...