FST Dev Blog 3 - In Which I Am Dumb

Remember that nifty outline of the Quest framework from last week? The one where I casually mentioned I'd changed all parts of Quests to inherit from QuestPart?

It didn't break everything, but it DID highlight a whole bunch of re-writing, redundancies, and spaghetti code that needed cleaning. So that's what I'm doing now.

On the upside, I've got a LocationFilter for specific planets primed and ready. It has inspired me to make the filters generate lists of valid planets, such that I might highlight all of them at once. Ahh. Feature creep. Or... Well, not really. It's more of utility creep. It should save time down the road. Or processing power to avoid having to check all hundred-or-so planets against a single-planet filter whenever I need all of them checked.

Yep. Gonna just keep telling myself I'm making solid progress. That is definitely what is happening here. Might only be a slight lie.