FST Dev Blog 12 - Hey, Sisyphus, how's it goin'?

Every time I start to do something else, a new bug in the quest system rears it ugly head. Good news, though, is that the jobs page is pretty much done. Screw it, it's done. Unless more bugs crop up. Like the RewardEvent bug where I was loading a boolean into an int. And not loading the int. So all money given at the start wouldn't be saved if you immediately reloaded the game.

But that's fixed now. I can't wait to get back to the terrifying spaghetti labyrinth that is the enemy generation and combat code.

Now is the time for more diverse quest objectives and locations. Kill X Small/medium/large enemies, locations filtered by type, and heck, why not toss in location generation that returns a specific planet or two instead of an unwieldy "X Type Planets with danger over Y and a scale of Z."

How about it just says "Theta Haul (x208y651)?" Does that sound reasonable? Yes.