FST Dev Blog 13 - Head Cold

Caught a bio-virus around the middle of last week. Focus is never fun when you're trying to focus and then you just close your eyes for a little bit and forget what you were doing. I have been staring at code and trying to adjust it all day to little avail.

I just realized, even after starting this post that always goes up Monday night/Tuesday morning, that today was Monday, not Sunday. I can't tell if it's the cold pills or the cold itself, but the symptoms seem to be clearing up, so maybe I'll make some real progress in a bit.

I'm changing up the level filter generator so that it'll spit out individual planets rather than a long-winded filter. Like I said I would.

I know there was a reason for that, but I can't remember what.
For now, one planet per location. Variation's for suckers.
There. That's done. Up next is whatever I said was up next last time. Combat balance? Oh right. More quest tasks. That... I was working on that earlier tonight. I probably should've finished that before doing this.

Yay head cold. I'm going to get some sleep.