Brain Vomit 6 - I Still Have a Head Cold

The cold's clearing up, but my head's still all kinds of fuzzy. Which means that this is a perfect time to talk about... Finishing games. Because I know I completed a game recently but can't remember what it was. THE EVIL WITHIN! That's what it was. Took me at least ten minutes to remember that one. Cleared it on a friend's Xbox.

I hated... Pretty much everything about that game. I didn't even like the plot, but I couldn't stop. There were too many questions that needed answering. None of them were answered in a satisfying manner and the ending opened up even more avenues of inquiry. The whole experience was just things being dangled in front of my face and, at the very end, I snatched a tiny bit of it and the rest was yanked away. I think the characters that weren't Sebastian had... A couple dozen lines, maybe? There wasn't a lot of... substance feels like the right word. It was just a parade of happenings.

Compare that to Skyrim, a game I've put around a hundred hours into and have dropped long before the main plotline's resolution. Though that might be because I'd already absorbed several complete stories from the game. It was also, for the most part, fun. I keep thinking I should go back, but it all keeps boiling down to bandit cave after bandit cave.

Maybe I should start a new character instead of continuing on the one with 50,000 pocket gold and a hundred pounds of potions.