Brain Vomit 9 - The Stuff You Don't See

Exploration is a driving force for some players. I, for one, am the kind of person who plays Minecraft and just walks for a few hours before settling down someplace that looks nice. This occasionally involves walking all the way back to that cool mountain back where I spawned. It's not a great system, but it's my system. Seeing something off in the distance or hearing about something that can happen makes a world feel larger.

Judging from all these brain vomits, I am all about worldbuilding. Which is funny, because I haven't touched galaxy or planet generation in a long, long while.

The problem is finding the balance of what you can, or even should, show the player. That problem persists through every step of a game's design. Do you lay out beforehand all of the enemies and weapons the player will encounter in a given level? Do you highlight a boss's weakness while it's fighting or when it's first introduced? How similar should that assassin's regular attack and feint look? Should we show the DPS of a weapon on the weapon? There's no universal answer to most of these questions. The last one's definitely yes, though. I am sick and tired of doing mental math in my loot-heavy games.

I'm considering a few adjustments to travel in FlyShootTrade. Namely, dropping the number of planets that can be flown to from a given planet and forcing the viewport to only show the planets the player's been to. Might have to include a sort of knowledgebase thing in case the player wants to check in on planets they haven't visited recently. Eh. First things first. MORE GUNS.