FST Dev Blog 20 - Words Words Words

So. Dynamic dialogue trees. On one hand, I'll probably eventually need them and want to code them in right away, but on the other hand, that's an insane proposition at this point in time.

I'm adding dialogue choices. Starting with a skippable tutorial quest.

Additionally, I've run into a storage problem. If I store every individual dialogue tree in the quest it's needed for, cicumstances around the quest might change, (e.g. Biff talking about how great Planet X's weather is because that's where the quest was created, but he has since moved to Planet Y.) That seems like the biggest potential problem.

Additionally, I can either generate every single line of dialogue the very moment it's needed by simply storing the generator function(s) OR I could save every permuta-nope. Looks like it's going to be immediate generation of things all the time forever.

I... Am pretty sure that this won't require too much re-writing of code. But it WILL require a lot of writing of code. And probably some careful adjustments to other things. Or I could abandon this and touch up combat like I said I was going to... Nah. Quests need a more substantial connection to the game. Doesn't feel right just handing one out after the last one's finished.