FST Dev Blog 28 - All The Small Th-In Too Deep

Little bugfixes and improvements. Huzzah. Saved a moderate amount of power by moving some things out of the main update loop. Enemy weapon rewrite is in-progress and... Ech. What was I thinking about when I made enemies have a chance to not have a gun.

Well now they all have guns. Guns with twice as much power. This has, for the most part, underscored how completely garbage having a static firing angle is. I'm going to throw in omnidirectional bullets as soon as I touch patterns. Which might be next. I might also re-do the order in which aspects of enemy weapons are generated to better lock down the power levels at given levels.

There's also, apparently, a problem with how HP text is being displayed. So that's... Going to be obnoxious to fix. On the upside, though, it doesn't make anything non-playable, so I'm not going to futz with it.