FST Dev Blog 34 - I'd Serpentine if I Were You

New paths now are not entirely random. You'd think that would be a really easy change. Starting with simple back and forth for now, as I also discovered that the math on previous path generating functions was wrong.

These movement paths are basically just lists of points that each enemy needs to run through, and every enemy wave has its own movement function. It works, sure, but part of me feels like it should be far more complicated than that. I'm envisioning a movement path that tells the enemy running along it exactly when to fire and how to move, in order to allow for much more varied behavior from a single enemy.

That, however, would take a significant rework of enemy wave generation. Which, I suppose, I could do in parts. I've been considering mirrored waves for a while.

More movement paths first. Maybe also another movement style. The 'loop the last two nodes' thing is getting a little obnoxious.