FST Dev Blog 35 - What's Wrong With Your Faaaaaaaaaace

So when I put in those different path styles, I realized I could just rearrange the order of the points in the zig-zag to get a number of other shapes. So instead of one path shape rotated and flipped about, we've got three now. The Z, the Hourglass, and the U. I suppose it's technically 24 paths if you take all the transformations of each shape into account. Also the waypoints lie on a randomized rectangle, which'll keep things a little more fresh than enemies just locking into four static points in the screen.

I think I'm going to toy with enemy weapon balance just a little more. They're firing too many bullets. I'm starting to think that it was a better system before this last rework. Iunno. I think I'm just trying to avoid changing the title screen and portraits again.