FST Dev Blog 41 - NOISES!

I burnt two solid days on Indie Speed Run again. This time everything broke at the last second instead of steadily throughout the whole course of the thing. I also ended up with a nearly enjoyable idea from the start, and I put some more work in on it instead of FlyShootTrade.

It's a game about chopping down trees and being hunted by bigfoot. I might shove it out at Greenlight and Kickstarter just to get a better view of the whole process for when FST is ready.

On the note of FST, though, more sounds! I've decided to give the presentation a little polishing before messing around with guns again. There were some buttons and other things that didn't have sounds, and now they have sounds Also some sounds are now balanced differently.

I should probably implement the whole 'interacting with the gameworld' thing next.

Better spend time on guns and prettying up battle instead.