FST Dev Blog 46 - WOOPH!

A week off, then turkey and cranberries. That's the reason there was no progress last week.

Dialogue and Quests, I feel, are about 80% of the time I burn in the entirety of this beast. Every time I go back to interact with them, I discover at least one horrible, awful thing I'd overlooked when putting them together. For instance, character portraits only show once when initiating dialogue with a character. Where do they go? NOT A CLUE! I'll fix that tomorrow.

On the positive side of things, you can now request jobs from characters and the game will give them to you. That doesn't sound like a lot, but there was... Let's go with 'significant refactoring' as the euphemism. Storage of characters had to be re-written, a core dialogue function had to be changed (there's still a bug in there with long messages and conversations with choices,) and there's now a whole new job generator for characters generating jobs.

Also I discovered that character portrait palettes weren't saving. And now every new restart seems to break saving. After I'd fixed the problem with saving.

So that's next.