FST Dev Blog 47 - If It Ain't Broke...

But it is broke, so fix it.

Fixed the bug that broke saves. It required adjustments to that character storage system I mentioned last time. It took far longer than it should've to track down, but that's how save bugs always end up. We've now officially moved into the like/dislike phase. At present, NPCs will track their friendship with the player, but I'm thinking of expanding reputation to be tracked by planets before all's said and done. Ideally, Quests won't be the only thing that modifies an NPC's feelings, but that is for another time. Right now is 'over-fill questEvents as a class so that the prefix quest becomes meaningless as they become generalized events' time. Also that'd take some kind of event log, and I'd rather not think about trying to save something like that right now.

Also I forgot to fix the character portrait bug. It wasn't nearly as important as savegames being broken. And I still don't have a graphic for the flash bomb.