FST Dev Blog 55 - Calm

Let's see what I've done here...

Re-skinned all the buttons? Yup. Probably missed a couple and they still need to be relocated anyway.

Added a new type of every portrait asset (backgrounds don't count,) which include squared jaws, mustaches, and what I hope looks like an approximation of slicked-back hair. Or dreadlocks. Use your imagination.

Didn't add any palettes. Totally forgot to. But I added a whole portrait instead of one asset, so I'm happy.

Finally fixed a tiny issue with buttons where they'd appear pressed until you moved your mouse away, regardless of whether or not you'd released the mouse button.

Oh, also I arbitrarily dropped planets from 175 to 120. It very slightly cuts galaxy generation time. The map just looked crowded.

I'm trying to put off re-doing planet image generation, map movement, the shop window overhaul, a jobs window overhaul (there are no visuals and also quest missions need better naming,) and the ever-looming combat re-touching. Maybe I'll just keep re-doing the visuals on things.