FST Dev Blog 54 - Smooth Sailing

Clear waters, not much chop. Dialog choice buttons no longer lock the dialogue to one single block of text, which is nice. Not that there's any tremendous blocks of text in the game at this time, but when there are, HOO BOY will I be glad that's fixed already.

Copilot home planets are in place, though actually assigning them and doing anything meaningful is still a fair way away. I think these next couple updates are going to be visual things. Combat's sprites need some touching up, and that whole game state desperately needs a background. Planets are visually uninteresting, the shop window's text is abysmal, and to top it all off, I've still got the default Flixel buttons in a bunch of different places.

Also I've resolved to making at least one new portrait asset each week. One and a single color for it's type. Maybe two.

Maybe a whole set of sprites and a palette.

Maybe I'll just finish the whole game in a week.