Brain Vomit 4 - I Was Phone

I don't have a smartphone. I've played with tablets a little and poked at smartphone screens once or twice, but I don't have the sort of touchscreen familiarity required to use those devices with any sort of precision or skill. Swipe-typing? NOPE. Might as well not function when I try to use it. I think this is how people who are unfamiliar with controllers feel when they try to use anything with two sticks and a handful of buttons.


FlyShootTrade has garbage controls right now. Eight directions, no acceleration or deceleration. I can fix them, but that's a thing for polish and/or balance. It will only ever have two buttons: one for firing and one for bomb. I know I've been calling it Copilot power, but it's bomb. This is 1997, we're on the Super Nintendo, and shmups have bombs. And games are played with controllers. Support for which is coming. When I fix movement. Later.

Wait, that'd take re-jiggering all the menus. Expect controller-menus after controller flight. Which seems insane, but really isn't.