FST Dev Blog 9 - Wait, I'm Actually Ahead Kinda

Planet danger is now properly saved! It takes up n instead of n^2 space. I don't honestly know why I didn't rewrite sooner. It was from a time when the planet you were at changed the danger rating of the planet you wanted to fly to. So you could have a safe route and an unsafe route into a planet. It could be neat, but it wasn't. Also it made things more complicated than they needed to be.

But hey! Quest Generator is about functional! Once I get these couple functions done, I'm going to get the Quests window up in the map state. I'll probably call it Jobs or something. More space-y that way. But I'm going to keep calling them quests. Because shut up, it's 5 AM.

After that, I will consider giving the flash bomb actual graphics. Nah.